The MVP in the field

The world is full of competition and innumerable amounts of potential which means there is always room for improvement. Turfix is always completely dedicated to non-stop improvement. They make sure they stay on top of the newest and most effective concepts and innovations. It is clear they are setting the highest standards when it comes to the future of synthetic turf.

Here is a handful of ways to show you why Turfix stays on top:

Surfaces of Brilliance

Advanced AI, computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and sensors are all brilliantly embedded within the FieldTurf’s smart field technology which means the artificial turf is allowed and able to track hours used, the number of players across its surface, and even develop maintenance alerts that only use information from real time data. Once maintenance is performed, the system will even automatically record where the maintenance took place and construct a new heat map.

Easier Portable Systems

In order to help field owners break down and compose fields promptly, FieldTurf provides a new portable system that can easily allow for conversion of things such as an ice rink into an indoor soccer field when summer floods into season. This system offers lightweight panels that are easy to carry and allows for effortless connection by using an effective and simple interlock system. A small crew can finish installing full-sized fields in just less than a day.

Crisp Cool Fields

Playing surfaces of all sorts can absorb heat energy from the sun and release it back into the atmosphere it sits beneath. In order to prevent an uncomfortable heat load on players in warmer climates or especially hot days new cooling technology include benefits of reduced surface heat by up to 35% when compared to traditional infill systems of sand or rubber.

Realistic Fiber Design

To make fields feel more real to play and strive on, FieldTurf brings the latest fiber design that is the first to showcase a multi-layer and dual-polymer in fiber design. Single layer polyethylene fibers provide leading levels of stability, flexibility, and endurance with a much more realistic and grass-like texture.

Staying Ahead of the Game Turfix always makes sure that it is actively attending conferences, meetings, expos, conventions, and more to stick to their serious commitment to continue to provide the best surfaces possible for field owners and athletes of all sorts. Turfix attends these places often to ensure quality and satisfaction.